Line Shaft Wood Shop

a working model

This wood shop is completed and everything works as shown in the video below. I built the model building in the fall of 2008 and added the tools, line shaft as I had time. The tools are PMR kits including; drill press, table saw, grinder, wood lathe and arbor press. The Band saw came from Europe complete. The PMR #5 steam engine drives the line shaft which also drives all of the machines in the wood shop model it is located outside the building now. I had a generator to provide electricity for the four hanging lights, I may reconnect this in the future. The lights which are screw in LED's take almost no current. For more information on the engine see the PMR page elsewhere on this web site. All the tools work, the table saw will cut wood, the lathe spins so you could make a bowl, the drill press drills wood and the grinder will polish metal.

This line shaft wood shop represents many factories and shops of the 1800's and early 1900's before each tool had its own electric motor. With one large steam engine, a shop could run many tools, although the belts running all the time did pose a hazard for those people walking around in the shop. The generator was added to provide light for the shop.