Steam Launches

Midwest Fan Tail Launch the "Elliot Bay".

Length 25 1/4"

Beam 6 7/8"

Scale 1" = 1 '

Elliot Bay Steam Launch

I have modified the launch somewhat in that I chose to cover the deck with a mahogany plywood veneer. I was not able to find the Heritage Steam engine and boiler which is a prebuilt unit from Midwest specifically for this launch. So I built the kit boiler and engine from Midwest which looks the same. Besides it was more fun to build it yourself. The "Elliot Bay" is an abs (plastic) hull and deck with balsa and mahogany cockpit and trim. It took about 2 weeks to finish the hull. I added a radio control unit so that I can have steering, but there is no neutral or reverse with this engine. This is modeled after the real "Elliot Bay Steam Launch" built in the Northwest US.

Steam Launch II

Length 28"

Beam 8 1/2 "

Hull is made of plastic with wood accents and decks. She has a nice shape and a wide beam for stability.

This is a hull that I recently purchased, I plan to install the boiler described on my boiler page and seen in the photo above, the Graham twin cylinder engine is currently installed. I will also have to build a proper craddle. Come back soon to see what progress I have made. I will certainly add a video once I have it running.