Model Saw Mill

This Saw Mill model was built in Jan 2009 and it will actually cut wood. The Stuart D10 which I purchased, is powered by PMR #1 Boiler which I built. This saw mill is not a kit; all parts were designed, machined and built by me except for the saw blade.

This is a view of the transmission for the saw mill. By moving the large lever you contact the rubber tire on the brass sheave with the flat disk, thereby driving the shaft that connects to the shaft driving the carriage. By moving the brass sheave either way on its shaft you can make the carriage move in forward or reverse.
The carriage as it holds the logs for movement across the saw.
This view shows the Stuart D10 Steam engine and roller table which catches the boards as they fall off the log after being cut.
Here is a Ouick Time movie that shows the operation of the saw mill.