Steam Driven

Pumps, Generators, Trains & Carnival Rides

This combination is a Stuart 10 H connected to a Stuart all brass Centrifigual pump. The pump was purchased on eBay by me as a kit. I machined the brass parts and added all of the fittings. The water tank is brass with a brick simulated plastic covering. The pump works has a good stream of water without much effort by the engine. These castings are no longer available from Stuart.

PMR # 2 engine kit assembled by me in 2008. The pump is from a kit by Joe Tochtrop in California. It is a well made kit and fairly easy to machine. It pumps a nice stream of water at a reasonable rpm. These pump kits are still available but Joe does not have an internet connection.

PMR #3 steam engine is a machined kit I purchased from PMR and then assembled and painted.

The pump jack is from a kit by Joe Tochtrop in California. It is a well made kit and fairly easy to machine. The cylinder and piston, they are under the visible part of the pump, must be machined from your own stock. This really looks nice with all the moving parts. I use mineral oil at Joe's suggestion because it prevents rust of the cast iron pump.

PMR #3 steam engine & PMR generator are machined kits I purchased, painted and then assembled. The light is for a G Scale train set and has a screw-in LED lamp. With the Led lamp it draws very little current, therefore needs a small amount of power. You can see this set up below running an N Scale Train.

This is a Stuart Oil Field Pump that will actually pump oil or water. You undoubtably have seen the real thing in fields pumping oil slowly out of the ground. This one is nicely done and was built by a machinest. I feel lucky to have found it on ebay. Check out the video of it in operation below.

Everyone loves trains and I am no exception. I wondered if I could run a model train with a generator. I tried it after seeing someone else do it on You Tube with an HO layout. I decided that I did not have room for an HO set up, so I built a small "N scale" layout that I could move around easily. This PMR generator works perfectly at fairly low rpm. Run the video below to get a better idea of how it works.

Stuart Turner Generator

This generator was purchased on ebay and needed some minor cleaning and the pulley needed to be recut on the lathe but other than that it works perfectly. The brass plate says 3000 rpm 4 volts and 1 Amp. I have run it with several Stuart Engines and it easily produces the 4 volts. I added the base with rubber feet to give it stability when driven by a wide belt from a steam engine. Video to be added later.

Pow'r House

by Kelmar Corp

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

These two carnival rides were made by the Kelmar Corporation in 1949. They both came in their original boxes, with the parts still taped in. I can not say they were mint as those many years had left some rust on some of the pieces. I was able to clean some of the rust and do some touch up except for the two outer rings on the Ferris Wheel they got airbrushed before assembling. There were original stickers included in both boxes and I copied those and then made water slide decals. This way I kept the originals and still had each one looking great. The video shows them both working together running off of a Stuart Turner Model 10H steam engine running on 20 psi of air. They run easily. There is supposed to be a swing ride too, so I am looking for that if anyone knows of that ride set. They are certainly fun to watch.