Other Steam Engines

This section will display engines for which I have only one, of that particuliar engine or manufacturer in my collection.

Taylor Hemmens

This engine was purchased from England and I have not been able to find out much information about it. It was machined when I received it but needed some of the holes filled and redrilled to make it line up more accurately. It runs nicely and I will add a video soon.

Taylor Hemmens Ltd.

Precision Steam Models

C2 Valley Way Market Harborough Leicestershire LE 16 7QE England

Kit C1 ?

"This design of engine with its attractive appearance and unusual steam chest attangement was first produced at the turn of hte century (1900). It was marketed under the name "Geky" until 1920's. It's of Brass construction and simple crankshaft arrangement make it ideal for ease of machining. We have made only minor modification to the original, thse being the addition of an attractive bedplate, and a change in the piston rod packing gland to eliminate soldering fromt he construction." (this is statement is from the plans)

If you know more about this engine or this company I would love to here more about it.

Cut Away Engine Model

This is an excellent cut away engine, it was used to demonstrate the workings of a piston valve steam engine and a governor for students.

This particuliar engine was built in Poland for use in their schools. These were educational aids that showed a classic/typical steam engine. Reference was made to it in school physics textbooks of that time. They also built a complete working engine just like this cut away model. I am not sure how many of these were built. The last known actual engine was manufactured in 1971 with serial number around 950. Detailed descriptions of steam engines were removed from their school textbooks in the early '70s and production of engines was stopped at that time.

Cut Away Engine Model as it came from Poland, it is well made , smooth operating and has a governor that moves to help you understand how a governor regulates the steam to the steam chest.

Bore 1 7/8 "

Stroke 2 1/2"

Flywheel 6 1/2'

Height 6 3/4 "

Length 13 1/4"

This is from a Polish Phyics textbook labeling the cut away engine parts, to bad I can't read polish


Corliss Engine Model

I recently purchased this engine on ebay. It needed repainting, polishing and a couple of parts need replacing. It runs very nicely, the governor spins but does not regulate the steam to the cylinders.

The base is 10" x 5" and the flywheel is 4-3/8" x 1/2 "

If anyone knows who built this engine I would love to hear from them.

Video was fromt he previous owner, new video coming soon.

Thimble Engine


Liney Machines

Fywheel diameter is 1 1/4"

Height is 1 7/8"

Bore 5/16"

Stroke 5/16

This has a tilting piston to let the air or steam out rather than a valve of any kind. A very unique engine and runs great even with your breath.