Books, Catalogs & Literature

If you would like specific information from one of these books in my files feel free to email me with a question. I will be happy to look up the information when I get time and email you back an answer. I am always looking to update my library if you have any books you are willing to part with.

Roper's Engineer's Handy-Book

Leather bound with a copyright date of 1884. Contains 690 pages concerning steam engines their design and parts. It also includes many illustrations of these early engines. This is nothing about models, but the information pertains to all steam engines.

How to build books

Building Simple Model Steam Engines

Describes how to build four simple staem engines. Designesn and methods of cinstruction are clearly detailed, with instruction that even a beginner will be able to follow. By Tubal Cain a paperback book of 107 pages.

Building the 'Victoria' a 19th Century Steam Engine

By TEE publishing construction details by Andrew Smith. This paperback is a facsimile copy and the quality of the printing is not that great but I have a copy and that is better than none, there are 40 pages. This contains a chapter on how Smith conceived the idea of the Victoria for Stuart.

Building a Vertical Steam Engine

Construction details about building a Stuart Vertical Steam Engine from castings. This publication describes the building of the 10V but there is valuable information on building any engine. Construction details by Andrew Smith with a revision by Dick Pearce. Published by TEE publishing Warwickshire, England. Reprinted in 2005 with 64 pages, glossy cover.

Building the Stuart Beam Engine

Published in 1977 by Henley Engineering Publications Ltd. with Construction Details by Andrew Smith. There are 32 pages in this book. The photos are very good and as with all Smith books the information will help you build one of these engines then set the timing and finish up.

Building a "REAL" Vertical Steam Engine

Published in 1977 by Henley Engineering Publications Ltd. with Construction Details by Andrew Smith. There are 32 pages in this book. The photos are very good and as with all Smith books the information will help you build one of these engines. The forward gives details about the other engines like this one.

Beginners Guide to Building a Stuart No. 1 Engine

Soft Cover by TEE Publishing date unknown by Andrew Smith. This soft cover book is 48 pages in length. Photos are very good in this copy. The instructions are excellent on every phase of construction of this Engine.

Model Stationary and Marine Steam Engines

This is the second edition by K.N. Harris, published by Model & Allied Publications Limited Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire England. First published in 1958 and this copy was published in 1974 with 154 page. Very Good details and drawings on many different types of model engines, from simple Oscillating to Twin cylinder and reversing mechanisms.

Graham Steam Instruction Manuals

Spiral bound manuals for the VR1A, HM1 and the TVR1A. These are very complete and make it easy to assemble these models with good photos and step by step instructions.

Model Steam Engine Catalogs

Caroulus Model Engineering Works Catalog of Stuart Models

A soft cover catalog published by Carolus in Bountiful, Utah. I have not been able to figure a date of publication only that it was after 1972. Contains all there engines as well as all accessories with a total of 48 pages

Coles Power Models Golden Anniversary Catalog

A paperback catalog from when Coles was in California, printed in 1978. This catalog with 98 pages contains many models as well as a wealth of information about many other parts that you might use to build a model steam engine.

Stuart Models Catalog 1969

This paperback catalog is 48 pages listing all the models they offered at that time.

Tiny Power Steam Model Supply Catalog

This paperback catalog was produced by Charles V. Arnold, "Pop" in 1957. It is loaded with part numbers and descriptions of parts for stationary as well as steam engines. This includes the Case steam engine in a two inch scale model. The author also has scale model parts for steam boilers. There are several pages devoted to workshop hints when working with tiny parts, as well as operating suggestions on all of the tiny power models. They are made to run and produce a little power.

Metal Ware Corporation

A catalog with photographs and descriptions of the following; Empire Educationa Toys, Electrically HEated Toys for Boys and Girls, Small Electric Appliances and Elektro Steam Engines by Donald Stilson. This contains history of the Company and copies of the patents issued on various Metal Ware products. If you like Empire steam engines this is a nice resource to have.

Instructions, Drawings & Parts Lists

* Assembly and use of your Stuart Boiler by Stuart.

* Stuart #1 parts list and drawings, original drawing #90007 including drawing 70090 for reverse gear.

* Instructions for setting the jet for all BIX ceramic burners.

* Instruction for setting the slide valve timing on Stuart Engines

* Original drawings and invoice for a Stuart Centrifugal Pump

* Drawings and instructions for building a Tochtrop Centrifugal Pump kit

* Model Craft Centrifugal Pump article from "Science and Mechanics" and in "Mechanix Illustrated" circa 1955, both articles by Gary Moore

* Parts List and plans for a Stuart Victoria original copy

* Plans for all the PMR engines

* Drawings for the Tochtrop Pump Jack kit