Links to Other Steam Sites

This page provides a link to other steam sites that I have used. If you know of others or would like your site added here please email me with your information. (eadake at I am always looking for other steam sites of interest.

American Model Engineering Supply Supplier of fittings, fastners, supplies and tools for the steam hobbiest.
Bucket of Steam A very nice collection of engines from around the world, site is in the UK
Coles Power Models American Co. selling many engine kits and parts including Stuart parts.
Cotswold Heritage British company selling machined and assembeled engines very well made.
Forest Classics Phil at Forest Classics has been very helpful in finding parts and accessories. They retail many different steam engines and parts.
Graham Industries Graham sell 4 different engines already machined, very nice small ones. Short videos on the machining process.
Great Toy Steam Co. American Co. which sell many new models from various manufacturers.
James Steam Toys A steam site with many different engines, well laid out and it is maintained by a 14 year old youg man.
Jeff's Live Steam Jeff has many photo views of his engine collection. Check out his informative PMR page.
Jensen Steam Jensen Steam Company page with many of photos of their engines.
Johns Steam Page John Rieds page with many engines and a operating tips and aids page that is great.
Johns Model Steam Museum John has a collection of very nice steam engines from many manufacturers. Also has good write up about his engines.
Live Steam toys Roly has articles on radio control of steam toys and a steam toys users guide among other things on his steam site.
MaccSteam They sell boilers for steam engines.
Mainstream Models English Co. with lots of steam stuff for sale including used engines.
Mikes Steam Page Mike has a great collection of Mamod and Bowman engines and the ads that were used when the engine was sold. He will email answers to questions about his collection.
Mamod & Other Steam Australian Web site nicely done great photos of Mamod Collection
MooseMan Voted the Toy Steam web site of the year by the Mamod steam forum, lots of descriptions with each of his engines. I love his seam launch.
My Sidewheeler Ken Brockways steam page. PMR build help with boilers, engines and generators, really great photos and text on how too. Also built a real sidewheeler.
Paul Turner Steam Engines Some great home made engines and others he has purchased
Peake Engines Ben Peake builds some very nice engines for sale in Australia email him for information. I have several of his engines.
PM Research American Co. selling many kits both machined and unmachined. Jim has been very helpful in getting me items I needed for my collection including piping, valves and lubricators.
Power House Museum An Australian museum that houses hundreds of steam engine models.
Spokessmann Carlton, Mamod, Bowman and Corgi site as well as other steam engines
Steamco Australian Co. specializing in steam products
Steam top 100 web site Site developed to list steam sites to visit
Stuart Steam The famous Stuart Co. from the Guernesy Islands UK
Sussex Steam British Co. selling steam engines and kits
Temple of Steam Indiana Rog "Temple of Steam" very informative site with tips, video and photos. Roger contributes a lot to our steam community email him anytime.
The Steam Chest John is a machinest and always willing to help when you have a question. He sells completed engines and parts for PMR engines and other steam items.
The Steam Gallery Steve has a very nice site with many engines and detail about those engines including photos from different angles.
Tiny Power American Co. selling steam and hot air engine kits that you machine. Nicely done kits
Toy Steam Web Ring - links to many steam sites