Cotswold Heritage

Cotswold Heritage of Stratford upon Avon,Wawickshire, UK produces many steam engines amd other products for the steam enthusiast. They use CNC machines to produce their products making for a very nice fit and finish. They also provide kits for you to machine.


Bore 3/4"
Stroke 1"
Height 4 1/2"
Length 8"
Flywheel 4"

This is my first engine by Cotswold Heritage and I am very pleased with the workmanship.

The Perseus which is serial number 211, is a single cylinder engine with a double acting piston and an eccentric driven slide valve. The flywheel is cast iron. This engine has a signed certificate glued to the bottom of the base. I purchased this on eBay in the condition as you see it in the photo.


Bore 3/4"
Stroke 1"
Flywheel 4"
Height 12"
Base dia 6 1/2"

Ariel is serial number A041 an Entablature Engine representing a departure from the standard configuration you are used too. It was a common engine in the mid 19th century in England. The classic style produces a relatively tall model and makes a truly interesting engine. This was a machined kit that I assembled.

Mounted on a substantial bed plate the vertically mounted cylinder delivers power to the crank via a novel stirup link, the piston rod being guided through an ornate cross beam.

Other features of note include the belt driven representation of a typical pedestal mounted governor, the Gothic style screen with cast brass name plate, Spoked flywheel, accessory drive pulley and turned hardwood plynth.

Bore: 7/8"
Stroke: 2 1/4"
F/Wheel Dia: 6"
Height: 12"
Length: 8"

The Cyclops model steam engine is an interpretation of Murray's 1802 masterpiece; the 'Hypocycloidal Steam Engine'. This technical sounding name relating to the prominent gearing.

Cyclops reproduces many of the features found on the few surviving examples of the full size steam engines - the gears in motion being truly mesmerising.

Cyclops' hypocycloidal concept is based on a fact originally propounded in the year 1666 by De La Hire was adopted because when any circle or 'disc' is rolled around the inside of an annular ring of twice its diameter, a point on the disc will always describe a straight line, thereby enabling Murray to translate reciprocating motion at the piston rod into rotary at the flywheel.

Constructed upon an unusually shaped bed plate, the Cyclops model steam engine contains real attention to detail and has at its heart a substantial gun-metal cylinder. Power developed within the steam engine cylinder being transmitted to the ornate flywheel and grooved accessory drive pulley via the all important gears which are themselves produced to a close tolerance by a process called 'wire erosion' .

Video to come soon!

Cyclops Engine